Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Because Bush school visits worked out so well

Things are looking up for Barack Obama on his health care plan. How do we know this? Because conservatives have gone back to their diet of daily "outrage", indicating that boredom has set in for them with pesky policy issues. Thus today at the Corner, there is worry about random stuff on the Internets were people say they like Barack Obama, and a planned education speech by the President next week, while at Fox News the concerns include the telephone hold music on Congressional phone lines.

Apparently the President speaking to students about the importance of setting goals and achieving them is putting the country on the slippery slope to Maoism. Really.

Anyway, Jonah Goldberg is helping channel the "are your children safe" crowd vis-a-vis the Obama speech --

A lot of teachers say it's crazy to do this on the first day of school anyway, since it's such a hectic time. It will be interesting to see the coverage of all this and to learn how many schools actually participate.

In fact, he's going to one high school in Arlington Virginia, giving the speech at midday, which schools can choose to watch or not watch on television or the Internet. That's it. But with anxious right, the event becomes a Trojan Horse for communism or something.

One other thing. Presidents tend to schedule education events for the start of the school year. It's when people are paying attention. This President is choosing to stay in Washington to do it while using technology for the national leverage.

His predecessor decided to turn his September 2001 school pop-in into a completely unnecessary visit to Florida, which did allow him to crack jokes with his brother the governor. He went to Emma Booker Elementary School in Sarasota after a 4.5 mile jog, before which his chief of staff had worried whether the smell of fish might impede upon the jog. Afterwards some stuff happened that required him taking a phone call, as seen above, with his communications director Dan Bartlett and political strategist Karl Rove, not national security people, closest to him.

The new guy doesn't go far from his office if he doesn't have to. But somehow he's the bigger problem for the country.

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