Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maybe the First Dude was an economist

We've noted before that Sarah Palin's ghostwriter shows signs of being an economist. Consider now part of her warm up material for her speech in Hong Kong today --

"Maybe you’re hoping to hear me discuss the derivations of the formula for effective rate of protection, followed by a brief discussion of the monetary approach to the balance of payments,” she said. “If time allows, a quick summary of factor price equalization. Maybe some thoughts on quantitative easing, but that’s for next time. Because I have spent my life closer to Main Street. That’s what I want to talk about is that view from Main Street,” she said.

Whoever is whispering the lines is getting weary of being the behind the scenes player. They want to be caught.

UPDATE: Rich "starbursts" Lowry -- Palin is an authentic, powerful voice of the populist right

His evidence is drawn from a speech given for a rumoured 6 figure sum to a brokerage firm in Hong Kong. Populist, indeed.

FINAL UPDATE: The ghostwriter on the autobiography is Lynn Vincent. Which doesn't explain where Palin is getting her economics material.

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