Monday, April 25, 2016

Ireland more wasteful of resources than Saudi Arabia

Arabian Business --

Saudi Arabia’s Water and Electricity Minister has told consumers that they should apply for permits to dig wells if they are unhappy over the rising cost of their water bills. Arab News reported that Abdullah Al Hussayen had made the suggestion after an increased number of complaints from members of the public ... In December, Al Hussayen said that higher bills would not affect poorer parts of Saudi society. “The new tariffs are aimed at those segments of society who extensively consume water and electricity,” he told local media. “For example, 250 litres of water consumption per day will cost SR92 [$25] per month with the new tariff, and this is reasonable. We sincerely hope that with the new prices, people will start conserving water,” he said.

The Minister was subsequently sacked as the reaction to water charges was not what the young Prince Mohammed bin Salman wanted right ahead of launching his big Vision 2030 reform plan. The charge which inspired such turmoil was 250 litres per day or 7500 litres per month for US$25, or around US$3.30 for 1000 litres. Ireland could be headed into a 2nd general election in 2016 over opposition to water charges that would be around US$2,20 per 1000 litres

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