Friday, April 29, 2016

The Nile not just a river in Greater Israel

People deal with the enormity of the Holocaust in various ways. It's tough to comprehend countries declaring total war not on another country, but on civilians in their own territory with no way to defend themselves, Winston Churchill grappled with it and declared it a crime with no name. Thus the new word genocide. Some of us take refuge in revenge stories, like Eric Lensherr (played in X-Men First Class by Michael Fassbender, above) pursuing his trail back to his tormentor via Argentina. Others cope by delving into tendentious interpretations of various things said or written by a small number of players at the time -- and all have in common that they are musings irrelevant to the fact that the killing kept going and the trains kept rolling long past the time when it made it any sense for the Nazis and their collaborators.

It wasn't about the Zionism. It was about the killing. Good luck Ken Livingstone ... David Irving is just down the shelf from where you are now on the bookshelf.

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