Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trump versus party history

Donald Trump is complaining that the nominating convention delegate selection method in Colorado, and potentially in other states, looks very far from one-person-one-vote. Like the entire American electoral system, it is. The Wall Street Journal editorial page has a response --

Scalia’s lesson for candidates who gripe about party nominating rules: Get over it.

The text of the editorial never supplies that actual quote from Scalia although it does go into a decision he made on a judicial nomination contest. So where does the "get over it" quote come from? It's with reference to Bush vs Gore --

[CBS News] --

"People say that that decision was not based on judicial philosophy but on politics," [Lesley] Stahl asks. "I say nonsense," Scalia says. Was it political? "Gee, I really don't wanna get into - I mean this is - get over it.

So the Journal's response to Trump is to celebrate a Presidential outcome in which the guy who got less votes overall won, and the vote count in the state that decided the election -- Florida -- was never completed. And then they wonder where the Trump base contempt for the rules comes from!

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