Sunday, April 03, 2016

Trump and Krugman agree!

Donald Trump, Washington Post interview --

I’m talking about a bubble where you go into a very massive recession. Hopefully not worse than that, but a very massive recession. Look, we have money that’s so cheap right now. And if I want to borrow money, I can borrow all the money I want. But I’m rich. If a person that wants to put a lot of people to. . . . And I don’t need the money. I don’t have to borrow. I don’t even call banks anymore. I use my own money to do things. If I want to borrow money or if another rich person wants to borrow money, you can borrow money at, like, LIBOR plus nothing. And you’re paying one and a half percent interest, it’s crazy, and they’ll give you all you want. If somebody is a great, wonderful person, going to employ lots of people, a really talented businessperson, wants to borrow money but they’re not rich? They have no chance.

Both Trump and Krugman are linking their economic analysis to the fact of very low interest rates, they just come to different conclusions from that.  As Krugman says (about Bernie Sanders) "with influence comes responsibility," so people need to be careful with how loose talk about depression might be used!

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