Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quote of the Day

In light of the current Clinton Abedin Weiner tangled web: from the House of Commons, 16 December 1963, the debate on the Denning Report into the Profumo Affair; Leader of Opposition Harold Wilson referring to how then former PM Harold Macmillan had handled it given the interaction of national security and private lives --

It was Lord Attlee, in a few crisp remarks on television, who put the whole matter in its proper setting. He was asked if he would have handled this in the same way as the then Prime Minister. He said "No, I do not think I would." Asked what he would have done differently, he said "I would have handled it myself." Asked about the question of guilt and innocence, he simply said, "Ministers of the Crown should not go round with people of that kind."

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