Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I heartily endorse this event or product

A couple of days ago we noted George Bush's "Wha' Happened?" explanation of how the Saddam-era Iraqi army was disbanded. The story seemed to have passed under the radar screen but now Tuesday's New York Times brings news that Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, Timberland boots model, and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, had steam coming out his ears upon reading that, since his name appeared on the edict disbanding the army.

Hence his production of letters between him and Bush about the decision, letters which incidentally are also revealing of Bush's obsession with gratitude from others, a trait on display in New Orleans last week as well. Anyway, here, as far as Bremer is concerned, is The Decider's approval of his decision to disband the army --

“Your leadership is apparent,” the president wrote. “You have quickly made a positive and significant impact. You have my full support and confidence.”

Which could be just the form letter that he also wrote to whoever he nominated to be head of the federal dog-catching team, if there is such a thing. The issue just becomes, regarding the making of key decisions in Iraq: is it that Bush didn't know, or didn't care?

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