Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She knows from drunks

Since yesterday was Insult Iran Day, if it's Tuesday it must be Syria. Condi Rice did a sit down with one of the few media audiences she can get these days -- the Fox News editorial board. Here's the discussion of why Syria is being invited to the proposed Middle East peace conference --

SECRETARY RICE: Well, the Syrians are members of the Arab Follow-on Committee, the committee that the Arab League put together to have follow-on discussions about their peace initiative. And this initiative will be one of the pillars for the discussions in the meeting because we really would like to see not just a Palestinian-Israeli track but really the Arabs need to get accustomed to the idea that Israeli is going to be there, too. And so we faced a choice: Did you try and exclude a member of this committee, causing untold difficulty for others in trying to figure out whether or not they could then come and so forth; or did you just say the entire committee is invited and, by the way, if you come to this meeting you are in a sense accepting a certain responsibility that the Israeli-Palestinian issue is going to be resolved peacefully and a two-state solution and so forth? We decided on the latter, not one of the easier decisions we've ever had to make.

QUESTION: So it's like having to invite your uncle, the drunk, to Thanksgiving, right? (Laughter.)


The "no comment", doubtless said with a grin, doesn't excuse her for having sat down with the Fox goons in the first place.

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