Saturday, October 06, 2007

George Bush, Dissenter

In an interview with al-Arabiya TV, with a range of low points, this is the worst --

Q: I would like to know what was your reaction the first time when you heard that 15 Saudi Muslims were among the hijackers who committed this crime and this terrorist act. How did that affect your relationship with the Kingdom, which plays a major role in the region and particularly Crown Prince Abdullah -- now King Abdullah -- who is a personal friend of yours?

THE PRESIDENT: King Abdullah is a personal friend of mine, and I respect him. You know, I have seen murder before in my own country. I have seen evil people take innocent life. And when that's happened, I haven't condemned everybody else around.

I will give you an interesting story. I was in a community yesterday [Lancaster Pa.]-- a gunman came and killed five young Amish girls -- this is last year -- and the gunman was killed. The Amish community, which is a religious community here in America, went and reached out to the wife and children of the gunman in compassion and love. And I'm not saying I was that -- you know, I hope I could be that compassionate. It was a great act of compassion.

And the reason I tell you that is my reaction on September the 11th was, I vowed to find the killers -- those who ordered the killing -- and bring them to justice. On the other hand, never did it enter my heart and my mind to be embittered toward a group of people, innocent people, who had nothing to do with the murderer. In other words, I was focused on the individuals and their commanders, not citizens in the Middle East, of any country, particularly Saudi Arabia.

It's stating the obvious, but his attempted comparison of himself to the Amish is ludicrous -- the latter who eschew most of the trappings of modern life, and of course eschew aggression and revenge, compared to the man who a few weeks after 9/11 was invading Afghanistan, and even at that time was indeed plotting aggression against citizens of one particular country. He's right that it wasn't Saudi Arabia. It was Iraq.

Why does any church let this guy in the door?

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