Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All war all the time

The event just now where Rudy Giuliani endorsed John McCain for President of the USA was a good illustration of why either of them would be a dreadful President. Rudy --

John McCain is the most qualified candidate to be the next commander in chief of the United States

thus putting above all else the military functions of the position -- functions which in any case George Bush has delegated to his field general in Iraq. Perhaps Rudy should get some credit for his little dig at Bush, "we could use a hero in the White House".

McCain in turn referred to the "transcendent challenge" of the country as being that from Islamic extremism. A threat from a group whose size is measured in thousands and who have no access to weapons of mass destruction. That this group might have millions of "sneaking regarders" (as they used to say in Ireland) is more to do with the use of military bludgeon of state war against them, as George Bush has done.

So Rudy is on to his 3rd wife and McCain is a staight talking maverick. But where it actually matters, they are Bush continued.

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