Monday, January 07, 2008

Holy war

Terminology from Multi-National Force Iraq --

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Multi-National Force-Iraq condemns the attacks today by al-Qaeda Iraq (AQI) against the Sunni Endowment and Concerned Local Citizens. The barbaric nature of AQI continues to find new depths of depravity in killing courageous Iraqi citizens who reject the terrorists and their Taliban ideology.

The brave Iraqi martyrs killed today sought to bring security to families and neighborhoods that had been hijacked and tormented by AQI’s indiscriminate violence.

Two things. AQI is being branded as a Taliban organization. Also, the dead Iraqis who worked with the US military are now martyrs. The word which already has religious overtones in English will have them even moreso in Arabic since it will translate as shahid. While it makes sense for the Iraqi government to do this, it's surely a risky move for the US military to get drawn into religious interpretations of casualties.

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