Friday, April 25, 2008

Clintonite running dogs

Andrew Sullivan (from what could be any post on any day in his Age of Obama) --

the current neocon-Clinton-Limbaugh campaign against Obama

Gordon Brown, as seen in Private Eye --

In view of the provocation given by the former leader, surrounded as he was by the fawning lackeys of the Campbellite-Mandelsonian clique ...

In another post:

But that makes the base of their [Clintons] support white working class ethnics - the Reagan Democrats. But how would those voters lean if asked to pick between McCain and Clinton? Surely a Scots-Irish veteran hero is more competitive with them than Ms Wellesley.

One thing. Reagan Democrats are disproportionately Catholic. McCain, and indeed the people usually designated as Scots-Irish are Protestant. That's a difference that George Bush seems not to understand but you'd think Sully would know better. And it's crucial to Hillary Clinton's electoral appeal -- she dominates among Catholic voters. Incidentally, "Ms Wellesley" got into Wellesley under competitive admission, while John McCain got into the Naval Academy because of his family. And still managed to be nearly the worst-performing student.

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