Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's definitely a message

RTE --

The Government jet, with the Taoiseach and 11 others on board, was struck by lightning this afternoon. The Gulf Stream jet, with eight passengers and four crew, left Dublin this afternoon and was on its final approach to Belfast City Airport when it was struck.

A Government spokesman has confirmed to RTÉ News that the jet landed safely after 'a huge flash'. No injuries occurred and the jet is now being examined.

Mr Ahern is in Belfast for celebrations to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. This is the second time that a Government jet has been hit by lightning as a delegation travelled to Northern Ireland on peace-process related activities

It's not far from Dublin to Belfast. After all, they're on the same small island. There is rail. One could even drive. But perhaps it's a message about the most celebrated peace process in history rather than the inefficiency in how the celebrants were getting there.

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