Thursday, April 03, 2008

That's why he's our man in Baghdad

Who is being described in this New York Times article? --

But interviews with a wide range of American and military officials also suggest that Mr. [...] overestimated his military’s abilities and underestimated the scale of the resistance. [...] also displayed an impulsive leadership style that did not give his forces or that of his most powerful allies, [...], time to prepare.

“He went in with a stick and he poked a hornet’s nest, and the resistance he got was a little bit more than he bargained for,” said one official in the multinational force in Baghdad who requested anonymity. “They went in with 70 percent of a plan. Sometimes that’s enough. This time it wasn’t.”

As the Iraqi military and civilian casualties grew and the Iraqi planning appeared to be little more than an improvisation, the United States mounted an intensive military and political effort to try to turn around the situation, according to accounts by Mr. Crocker and several American military officials in Baghdad and Washington who spoke on condition of anonymity.

In the actual context, which is the botched Iraqi government clampdown on Basra, it's about Iraqi PM Nouri al-Malaki, the preferred fall guy for the failure. But one could take any part of the above and insert George W. Bush's name, and you'd have a description of the original invasion.

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