Friday, September 12, 2008

It's flog spelt backwards

George Bush was in Oklahoma today. The main public event was a meeting to promote health savings accounts, although this was merely the official cover story to stick the taxpayer with the cost of getting him to a closed-door fundraiser for maverick reformer John McCain. So his heart wasn't really in the public event. Here's part of his justification for health savings accounts --

These are products that enable somebody to, you know, move from one job to the next and keep their health care with them, which is important in the 21st century. They're ways for employees [sic] to take care of their employees.

This ability to, you know, move from one job to the next and keep your health care has been a feature of that Communist National Health Service from the start. And as Paul Krugman has long argued, Bush's verbal slips (see last sentence above) are often revealing of the real agenda, since under these accounts, everyone takes care of their own health budgets, linking quality of care directly to ability to pay.

Anyway, recognizing the need to attach some Hurricane Ike significance to his trip, Bush decided to promote volunteerism and so met with a few volunteers --

THE PRESIDENT: I'm privileged to be the President of a country that produces citizens such as these. The United States is a country of volunteers -- three such volunteers are with us, Oklahoma citizens who serve in a variety of ways ... The Major here, a golf pro, who is going to go on his third tour in Iraq, has used his position in the golfing industry to raise money to help Gold Star families. How cool is that? This guy is going to Iraq on Monday, and yes, he served that way, but he also serves in a very compassionate way.

But Bush himself has declared golf to be a frivolous pursuit at a time of war -- something that he felt compelled to tell people he was giving up. Presumably he didn't tell the Major.

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