Tuesday, September 02, 2008

When is it not about oil?

George Bush sees one clear lesson of Gustav --

One thing is for certain: When Congress comes back, they've got to understand that we need more domestic energy, not less; that -- and one place to find it is offshore America, lands that have been taken off the books, so to speak, by congressional law. And now they need to give us a chance to find more oil and gas here at home. I'd much rather American consumers be buying gasoline produced from American oil than from foreign oil. I'd rather our dollar stay at home than go overseas.

And I know the Congress has been on recess for a while, but this issue hasn't gone away. And this storm should not cause the members of Congress to say, well, we don't need to address our energy independence; it ought to cause the Congress to step up their need to address our dependence on foreign oil.

Somehow, that's his number 1 priority after the storm. Incidentally, John McCain's non-pick for vice-presidential running mate, Lousiana governor Bobby Jindal, has asked for a release from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to relief refinery shortages in the Gulf. Bush's administration is still thinking about it.

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