Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain speech thoughts

These idiots disrupting his speech are handing the Republicans a talking point.

The warm up video for his speech is a good case study in the problems with presidential systems. Can any one person be the giant that this crowd seems to believe he is?

Note the first states he mentions. Michigan, Pennsylvania. It's the same message as from Palin's speech.

A telling lack of applause for his criticism of corporate welfare for oil companies. Similarly for his (correct) statement that the hypothetical daughter of migrant workers is American. And there's the Vatican's phrase, culture of life.

A load of tax cut and spending promises. And a bigger federal role in education. No explanation of how he'll be getting involved in what are now local government decisions.

Georgia gets solidarity and prayers -- anything else?

"I hate war" -- but it sounds like it's going to involve some more war to get to peace.

Did he know that his stirring lines at the end were being drowned out by applause? [K-Lo agrees]

Conclusion: we might have forgotten how vigorous an intellectually deranged party can be.

Trig, the Down's baby is on stage again. No baby sitters in Minnesota?

No wonder they didn't want this thing too close to a hurricane. The post-speech song selection is all party music -- on a day when the Dow fell 350.

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