Monday, September 22, 2008

She's back in style

A few days after Gordon Brown's "We want our money back" reprise of Maggie Thatcher, could Sarah Palin be seeking the mantle? The McCain campaign has released the text of a speech she was to deliver at Iran protest rally at the UN today. Her planned appearance was a transparent stunt to burnish her foreign policy and Hillary-seeking credentials at the same time -- Hillary was scheduled to be there and was not told that Palin had been added to the list. So she pulled out and the organizers (or at least besides the one that was in cahoots with the McCain campaign) then withdrew invitations to all politicians.

But anyway, the speech:

Ahmadinejad may choose his words carefully, but underneath all of the rhetoric is an agenda that threatens all who seek a safer and freer world. We gather here today to highlight the Iranian dictator's intentions and to call for action to thwart him.

He must be stopped.

Stopped, how? There is a precursor for those tough words:

Q: Could you just recall the exact nature of that first conversation with George Bush. As you say, the President said to you "Margaret, what should we do?"

Thatcher: "Margaret, what is your view?" and so indeed I told him that aggressors must be stopped, not only stopped, but they must be thrown out. An aggressor cannot gain from his aggression. He must be thrown out and really, by that time in my mind, I thought we ought to throw him out so decisively that he could never think of doing it again.

At that point of course, Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait and the job was to get him out. Iran hasn't invaded anywhere.

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