Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And friend

Guest list for the de facto White House Columbus Day state dinner for Silvio Berlusconi --

Ms. Mary Cheney, Daughter of The Honorable Richard Cheney
Ms. Heather Poe, Guest of Ms. Mary Cheney

Heather Poe is Mary Cheney's same sex partner. They have a son. Just a few days ago, the White House put out a statement disagreeing with the Connecticut Supreme Court decision that said the state's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional.

She could take a stand if she wanted to. But anyway, the most galling thing about the invitation is not her presence on it, but the repeated descriptions of reactionary right icons as "honorable". Incidentally, the first wine of the evening is a Ponzi, an apt commentary on the financial crisis.

Gossippers may also note that Condi Rice's guest is Gene Washington, Director of Operations for the National Football League. The gossip being that Condi could still bail on her return to Stanford University and get the job she's always wanted -- Commissioner of the League.

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