Friday, October 10, 2008


Why did George Bush time his market-soothing statement for 10.25 eastern US time? One reason is that he was going to be stepping out the door anyway to cut his work weekend short with trips to Florida and South Carolina to attend private Republican fundraisers. Thus against the backdrop of a banking system sorely in need of more transparency, not to mention his exhortation that "we're in this together", he's doing closed-door speeches at taxpayer expense to the well-connected. Not much of a confidence-building measure. While it might be best to keep him off the TV, it does call into question how much preparation he can possibly be doing for his big meeting with the G7 ministers tomorrow -- a meeting that he seems to be crashing.

UPDATE: He used a symbolic wag of the finger at the Castro brothers as the public cover for his closed-door fundraiser in Florida.

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