Thursday, October 09, 2008

Does anyone know what this means?

Sarah Palin and John McCain were on Fox News last night with Sean Hannity. Here's a sample --

HANNITY: Governor, your side of the story. When did you really begin to realize that Senator McCain was seriously thinking about electing you as VP. And you said you wouldn't blink. But, as that process was — when did you think, this may happen?

PALIN: Oh, you know, really not until maybe we were face to face and I could look him in the eye and see the serious voice he will to offer this challenge to me, this responsibility that he asked that I could take on and of course, I was so happy to.

But, you for the years, I've been a big fan of his because of that independent (INAUDIBLE) that courses through your veins. And that's made me admire him. And I knew it was confirmation, it was right on that I was to support him when early on in the presidential race, he had said something in the newspaper that was controversial, imagine that, about what was going on in the administration. It was independent, is what he had used, the tone of his comments.

And I had been asked about it up in Alaska, by the local press and I said, oh no. It was spot on. You know? We don't need to keep going down that track, something that the administration was going on. And then I got a call from the Republican member of Congress who said, yes, I understand that you're thinking about supporting McCain. Well, let me tell you about the Hell he's put me through with earmark reform.

And I said, right on. That's confirmation. He is the guy that I'm going to support.

Earlier in the interview, McCain said that he's going to put a Vice President Palin in charge of finding a cure for autism.

This is the team that a major political party puts up to run the country -- and tens of millions of people will vote for them.

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