Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When being popular abroad is a good thing

Today the White House held an event to take note of the one continent where George Bush is relatively popular: Africa. One of the two Irish aid celebrities -- Bob and not Bono -- was in attendance. George took note --

The second choice to introduce me was Bob Geldof, musician. Of course, he'd have got up and said, I saw him try to sing while in Africa. (Laughter.) I've come to really appreciate Bob Geldof. He is a genuine person who has used his fame to help others in need, and it is a -- it's been a joy to work with you. You know, you and I might look differently, but I think we share the same compassion and the same hopes. And thank you for joining us today. (Applause.)

Maybe part of Bob's personal sacrifice for development is to put up with Bush.

Photo: REUTERS/Larry Downing

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