Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's take the conspiracy theories up a notch

Try to restrain your laughter as a Bush administration appointee argues that --

in its high-handed dealings with Chrysler and G.M., the Obama administration reminds me of an irresponsible third-world regime, skirting the law and handing economic prizes to political cronies.

That's James "Dow 36000" Glassman.

But anyway, if just about anything that the US government does regarding GM or Chrysler can be spun into a conspiracy (e.g. the War on Republican Car Dealers), then we're about due for a grand convergence of Obama and Clinton player-hating. Stay with us on this one because it's complicated.

Canadian company Magna International is about to own a big chunk of GM's European units Opel and Vauxhall. Magna International is for all practical purposes run by its co-founder Frank Stronach. Bill Clinton once had dinner at Lauriol Plaza in Washington DC B.L.T. Steak in Midtown Manhattan with Belinda Stronach. Belinda, the former multiparty Canadian MP, is Frank's daughter. The dinner led to frenzied speculation that Bill Clinton was having an affair with Belinda.

Assume for the purposes of right-wing lunacy that this speculation is true, and there you have it. This whole bankruptcy thing is just a ruse to benefit the Stronach family for keeping quiet about the affair with Bill. Or something. The fever swamp has often done more with less.

UPDATE: Parody is impossible. It's been done already. Keep in mind the Republican connections of the original sources for the Bill-Belinda gossip.

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