Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We've made our bed

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs is trying to sound like it's peeved that Joe Biden might have gone into the terminal at Shannon on a stopover en route to Sarajevo --

THE DEPARTMENT of Foreign Affairs says it had no information about a stop-off by US vice-president Joe Biden at Shannon airport on Monday night.

A spokesman for the department said it was “conceivable” Mr Biden had visited the airport without informing them as he was scheduled to visit eastern Europe this week... During the one-hour stop, Mr Biden got off the aircraft and visited the airport lounge where he met members of the army national guard from the US State of Georgia.

The photo above is George Bush rallying the troops at Shannon en route to South Asia in 2006. Once you've made the decision to allow Shannon to be used for troop transports or terrorist renditions, you really can't complain when the occasional VIP visit calls attention to the practice. Even when you've got a whiny coalition partner and an election coming up.

White House photo by Paul Morse

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