Friday, May 15, 2009

Wall Street Journal names MP expenses source

Interesting ... the Murdoch-owned Times was offered the expense sheets and refused, the Telegraph somehow got them, and then they were offered to the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal --

On Friday a London-based public relations consultant working for Mr. [John] Wick, Henry Gewanter, said he would give The Wall Street Journal access to the reimbursement information if the Journal agreed not to identify Mr. Wick as its source. Mr. Gewanter said he was making the same offer to British newspapers and expected to complete the arrangement early next week.

"We trying to make some original source material available for research purposes," he said. "I believe in a free press."

Mr. Wick did not return phone calls.

According to corporate records, Mr. Wick is a 60-year-old director of International Security Solutions Ltd. The company's Web site says it advises the insurance industry about risk, gathers business intelligence and does investigations.

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