Friday, November 23, 2018

Imperial Preference

The DUP's Jim Shannon in the House of Commons discussion of the Bombardier job losses --

Has the Minister had discussions with Bombardier about its intentions to bring back from Mexico and Morocco the work on parts that were once made successfully in Belfast to reflect the high level of investment the Government have made?

What does he think Belfast's competitive prospects with Mexico and Morocco are outside the European Union?

Getting Attention

Reuters on the downhill slide in Tanzania and why it only recently became the topic of external interest:

But for Murithi Mutiga of the International Crisis Group, the populist alarm bells were already there. “The world has only begun to pay attention to the situation after Magufuli weighed in on social wedge issues that typically attract media coverage, “ he said. “But the direction of travel in which he was taking Tanzania was clear from the start.”

When the cat's away

UAE news agency description of the delegation members accompanying Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman --

... Khalid Al Humaidan, Head of General Intelligence ...

You bring the intelligence chief with you on a foreign trip if you're worried about what he would do at home if you were gone.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Ulster Volunteer Farce

From the House of Commons debate on the UK withdrawal agreement --

 Jim Shannon (Strangford) (DUP) 

I stand here with a heavy heart and great sadness. Does the Prime Minister recollect the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, in which Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of pottage? Does the Prime Minister see the similarity in that she is attempting to sell my children’s and grandchildren’s birthright and my constituents’ rights to be British for a despicable and shoddy deal? As Rudyard Kipling said: “Before an Empire’s eyes The traitor claims his price. What need of further lies? We are the sacrifice.” Prime Minister, we will not be your sacrifice. We will not agree to give backstop control to the EU or to the Republic of Ireland over Northern Ireland—never.