Friday, June 03, 2005

Longford says No but Luxembourg says Yes

The Grandy Duchy of Luxembourg, population 200,000, currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Union. Showing that he's a good European, Prime Minister Juncker has decided that his citizens will vote on the EU Constitution referendum next month, despite it having been rejected by two of the EU's Original Six.

Meanwhile back in Ireland, the mid-west is awake. Mae Sexton, a TD [MP] in the Soldiers of Tax Dodging/Progressive (sic) Democrats (sic) coalition government has called for the referendum to be canned:

Ms Sexton says she feels it would be perceived as a waste of money if Ireland was to proceed with a referendum on a constitution voted down by two founding members of the EU.

In their news report, RTE pairs these two items, which is actually a funny if perhaps unintentional commentary on the lunacy of how the EU is currently run. Because Ms Sexton represents a constituency of 82,000 people, not a whole lot different than that of EU President Juncker. Who is now trying to steamroll the UK into holding its own lost-cause referendum. Which reminds us of why we endorsed the constitution in the first place.

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