Thursday, April 26, 2007

A festive May Day

White House; caption

May Day 2007 will not only be Veto Day, but also the anniversary of Mission Accomplished Day, Loyalty Day, and Law Day. This year's theme for Law Day has yet to be announced.

UPDATE: The Law day proclamation is sneaked out on a Saturday, and was clearly chosen to avoid the awkwardness of last year's celebration of the separation of powers --

The theme of this year's Law Day, "Liberty Under Law: Empowering Youth, Assuring Democracy," highlights the importance of teaching our young people about the vital role they can play in our democratic society. We all have a duty to help our youth become responsible citizens by promoting the virtues that sustain our democracy and fostering a deeper understanding and respect for our Constitution and laws.

FINAL UPDATE: The Loyalty Day proclamation was issued late on the 30th, and the New York Times editorialises about Law Day.

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