Saturday, March 13, 2010

That kid needs help

It's strange how strands of seemingly unrelated stories can connect with each other. First, from the ongoing Jihad Jane/Swedish cartoonist Irish connection case --

The Wall Street Journal, quoting anonymous sources familiar with the case, reported on its Web site that Paulin-Ramirez was being held in the alleged plot.

Her stepfather, George Mott, said the FBI seized a desktop computer in late September but did not tell the family what they found.

The Motts said they're concerned for the welfare of their grandson, who has been placed in the custody of Ireland's foster care system.

And as for Ireland's foster care system, well it is currently under intense scrutiny since it's not clear who's actually looking out for the interests of the children in it.

Indeed, the arrangements by which the woman from Colorado, her 6 year old son, and an Algerian to which may or may not have been married could suddenly pop up living as a household in Waterford needs more explanation. It seems that Ireland's vaunted "light-touch regulation" which worked so well for the financial sector extends to family matters as well.

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