Thursday, July 28, 2011

Karl Rove condemns rising income inequality in America

Well, not exactly.  But he seems to be noticing its consequences, if not the link.  In his regular Thursday perch at the Wall Street Journal, he laments the closing of Furin's restaurant in Georgetown--

The family diner, a D.C. landmark, featured wafer-thin pancakes, great sandwiches, homemade soups and the capital's best cakes and cupcakes. It drew generations of students, social types, power brokers and travelers wealthy enough to stay at the Four Seasons across the street but savvy enough to know where to get a wonderful breakfast.

Note: the expensive Four Seasons across the street isn't closing.  Business better for the places getting more money from the wealthy customers.  Weird, that.  The post mortem --

No small business ends for just one reason. But with fewer conventions coming to Washington, a slow economy and people dining out less, it got gradually tougher to keep Furin's doors open

If things are this bad for a small Washington DC business with the existing level of public spending cuts, how much worse would they be if Rove got the cuts that he wanted?

Finally, note the man who was as good as the "real Americans versus Washington" rhetoric as anybody wander all of 14 blocks from his old White House job to find an anecdote for a tough economy. 

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