Saturday, May 04, 2013

Big Gay is going to have to be bigger

Niall Ferguson's bizarre remarks about John Maynard Keynes -- that his philosophy discounted the future since he was gay -- makes for an interesting juxtaposition with Ferguson's other views about what happens when there are too many men, as appears to be happening in China and India:

It may be that the coming generation of Asian men without women will find harmless outlets for their inevitable frustrations, like team sports or videogames. But I doubt it. Either this bachelor generation will be a source of domestic instability, whether Brazilian-style crime or Arab-style revolution—or, as happened in Europe, they and their testosterone will be exported. There’s already enough shrill nationalism in Asia as it is. Don’t be surprised if, in the next generation, it takes the form of macho militarism and even imperialism. Lock up your daughters.

The solution is clear. We just need to divert these hundreds of millions of excess males to that Keynesian form of effete selfish liberalism.

UPDATE: Ferguson has retracted his original remarks.