Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A "reformation", if you will

Maureen Dowd has been using her recent New York Times columns to engage with the child abuse scandal engulfing the Catholic Church. The National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez has not been happy with Dowd's columns (like the Archbishop of New York). Here's K-Lo today --

If the pope himself were possessed, if every priest and religious were evildoers, there would still be Christ and there would still be the fact — which, if you’re Catholic, you believe to be true, or so claiming to be Catholic suggests — that He died for your sins. If the pope were corrupt, I’d like to think I’d still have faith. It’s not the human leaders with free will who are at the heart of the faith — and the Church — but the Eucharist, literally.

There already is a religion for people who believe in the Eucharist but who don't want any of the tainted hierarchical baggage that comes with it. It's called Protestantism. But K-Lo is the one accusing Dowd of not understanding what Catholicism involves.

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