Friday, August 12, 2016

Brexit soundtrack

From perusal of social media not to mention our own experience, it would appear that many people are still struggling to find an outlet for anger and frustration following the Leave vote. Towards that end, we're finding the cynical pessimism and allusions to chaos of 1970s-80s hard rock most helpful in resonating with the times. The following ad hoc track list is therefore suggested for your weekend listening pleasure. In the interest of linking to videos, ads may be present and it may not always be the original version, and yes, we know there's a few odd selections in there.

Thin Lizzy, Jailbreak.
Iron Maiden, Aces High.
Led Zeppelin, For Your Life.
Megadeth, Symphony of Destruction.
Black Sabbath, N.I.B.
Metallica, The Four Horsemen
Pantera, Cowboys from Hell.
Guns n Roses, Welcome to the Jungle.
The Clash, Rock the Casbah.
Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights.

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