Friday, August 12, 2016

Quote of the Day

Maverick Australian Senator Nick Xenophon in an interview with the Financial Times --

“I do not have a dead hedgehog as a hairpiece. I don’t have Mr Trump’s money, nor his views that appear to reflect Islamaphobia and racism,” he says. “If Donald Trump gets elected president of the US then I think it is inevitable we must reassess our strategic alliance with the US.” Even so, he is willing to work with Pauline Hanson’s far right One Nation party which claimed four senate seats. Any alliance between the two groups would create a potent protectionist force in the Senate. “We have this free trade Taliban mentality where we take a fundamentalist free trade view that no other country in the world does,” he says. “It is not in our national interest and I don’t think other countries respect us for that.”

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