Friday, May 26, 2006

Bush's biggest regret

One of the few interesting moments in the Bush-Blair news conference was when they were both asked to describe their own mistakes in the Iraq war. Bush specified the "Bring it on" remark -- note, he admits only to a rhetorical mistake and not any tactical mistakes, the biggest of which was surely the failure to secure Baghdad in the summer of 2003 (or 2004). But leave that aside, 2 points. First, it's not news: Bush has admitted this precise mistake over a year ago. Second, as we noted at the time, the warbloggers had constructed a rationale for the invasion around the original remark, a remark that Bush now wishes he had never made. Flypaper, RIP.

UPDATE: Dan Froomkin notes that there was nothing new in the regret, and that it's disengenuous even taken on its own terms.

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