Tuesday, May 16, 2006

She knows from leaks

Judy Miller has a long part 1 of a 2 parter in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal about Libya's abandonment of WMD programs; one curious thing is that the article seems to have been written on the presumption that the White House would not quickly restore diplomatic relations with Libya, as it did yesterday. But anyway, contain your laughter at this bit:

To prevent leaks and sabotage by neoconservatives and other officials opposed to normalizing relations with Tripoli, details of the Libyan overtures and some half-dozen secret meetings that followed the March overture over the next seven months in London, Geneva and even Tripoli were known to only a handful of senior U.S. officials.

Just one of the many hypotheticals prompted by this: if at the time, the detente with Libya had been leaked to Judy, would she have published it?

UPDATE 17 MAY: Here's part 2. Note Miller's apparent sources for this work: Robert Joseph and John Bolton. A strong hint as to where all her dubious Iraq WMD reporting was coming from.

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