Monday, May 29, 2006

Fooled them twice

In her 3rd last article on the White House beat before going on book leave, the New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller managed to write an installment of "White House Memo" based on the premise that when George W. Bush said he regretted saying "Bring it on," it was the first time he'd done so:

like the chastened husband who finally admitted he had done something wrong ... Mr. Bush's comments were his most personal so far about mistakes he has made

This premise is incorrect, was reiterated as such by Dan Froomkin in the Washington Post, and out of frustration at the way it's being peddled, we even e-mailed the NYT's Corrections department (if it exists) on Friday to point out that a Friday article also claiming that the regret was new was incorrect. One wonders what kind of access to sources Bumiller is planning on having for her book.

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