Monday, May 08, 2006

The Downing Street Green Zone

Given that the most disturbing allegation about Tony Blair's Friday reshuffle is that he sacked Jack Straw because of White House displeasure over Straw ruling out military action in Iran, it doesn't help to have Monday's Wall Street Journal editorial page exulting over the sacking on those very grounds:

Friday's demotion of Jack Straw from leading the Foreign Office to managing Labour MPs in Parliament suggests that Mr. Blair doesn't think he's done yet--which is good news if true. Mr. Straw angered Number 10 by ruling out a military strike against the Iranian nuclear program as "inconceivable." Of all Western leaders, Mr. Blair has been most eloquent in warning that weapons of mass destruction in the wrong hands pose an existential threat. Iran is the next great challenge, and Mr. Blair's moral clarity could be a great asset in meeting it.

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