Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So good he named him twice

It didn't seem possible, but George W. Bush has managed to find a few frontier in his sale of ambassadorships to political donors: one of them is getting second helpings. Clifford Sobel, who cashed in previous donations to get the ambassadorship to the Netherlands (he loves the Netherlands because "everybody speaks English") is going now to Brasilia after a short stint back in the private sector. It's enough to confuse the White House website, which has botched the announcement (as of the time of writing; now mended), unclear as to which is his former and which is his prospective job. Sobel has such a track record of Bush donations that he easily Googles -- you don't have to put in the usual words like "Pioneer", "Ranger", or "Super-Ranger." God forbid that the US might actually need something from Brazil, like ethanol.

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