Saturday, February 09, 2008

Avian Porcines

In which we defend Powerline. Andrew Sullivan --

Loony Right Watch

When reality begins to intrude, they just seal it off. So Norman "What's A Kurd Anyway?" Podhoretz gets a small fortune from Powerline.

Norman Podhoretz doesn't get a dime from Powerline. He gets a George Costanza-style donation in his name of $25,000 to an organization that sends packages to soldiers serving in Iraq. Unless you count the free dinner.

Sullivan has also never responded to a previous Powerline post pointing out that he had egregiously misquoted Podhoretz on the subject of a hypothetical Iran-Israel war.

You'd think his research assistant and 4 interns would have freed up enough time for him to be more careful about this stuff.

UPDATE: "Trunk" notes the same issues.

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