Saturday, February 09, 2008

Safe on His gentle breast

The White House has provided National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez with the resignation letter of George Bush's chief speechwriter, William McGurn.

When historians are trying to figure out whether the personality cult around George Bush was something that only manifested itself in the distant masses who voted for him, this letter will be the definitive proof that the cult extended all the way inside the cocoon. Maybe that's how one gets to be in the cocoon. The key excerpts --

When it became clear that our country was under attack [on 9/11], I returned home. My wife came out to meet me as I pulled into our driveway. I remember looking up at the sky and wondering what kind of world our girls would inherit. And i remember saying to Julie, "Let's be thankful George W. Bush is President". ...

The day will come when my girls are no longer children -- and look out on a world where people from Baghdad to Beijing enjoy the liberty that Providence intended for them. And each will tell her children, "When I was a girl, I knew the man who believed in this future when so few others did - George W. Bush

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