Sunday, February 24, 2008

More gruel

Perhaps this is the reason that Jonah Goldberg never gets around to classifying George W. Bush as a fascist despite seeing fascism just about everywhere else in America: that Bush's government is so incompetent that he's helped make the argument for less government, and thus, by Goldberg's definition, less fascism. It was actually Glenn Beck making the running with this argument but Goldberg showed no sign of disagreeing it when he was on the show hoping to move some copies of his book --

BECK: Well, just last week they were talking about -- what was it? -- the trailers for Katrina victims.
GOLDBERG: Right, right.
BECK: They have them all in -- and they`re trying to get them out because the air has formaldehyde in it and, you know, people are getting sick, and they said the government is not telling us the truth. They`re telling us it`s no big deal. They`ve been -- they`ve been passing this off.
And I thought to myself, this is a government program. Here it is. This is the way it works. And yet, people still want that nanny state.
BECK: It`s only going to get worse when they control everything.
GOLDBERG: Right, right. And it`s -- you know, what is the old proverb about, you know, if you`re digging -- the sign of insanity is you`re digging a hole and you keep digging to get out of it, you know?

It's interesting that neither of them have any real understanding of why downtrodden people want the government's help. It's also interesting that they ever trusted the government to run a complicated war in Iraq.

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