Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pushing the right button

The government of Chad knows how to appeal for western backing in what is by most accounts an intra-clan feud --

On Wednesday, the Chadian government paraded 135 alleged rebel prisoners, some said to be as young as 15, charging they were Sudanese mercenaries paid by neighboring Sudan and al-Qaida fighters. The government produced little evidence to bolster its charges.

The prisoners "were sent by (Sudan's President) Omar al-Bashir, by al-Qaida, to destabilize not only Chad but all of Africa," Interior Minister Mahamat Ahmat Bachir told reporters.

Sudan has repeatedly denied charges that it supported the rebels.

As the linked news story explains, France provided more assistance to the government in fending off the rebels (so far) than hitherto disclosed. This only heightens questions about what exactly Ireland is doing in getting involved in a peace-keeping operation under the French umbrella.

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