Monday, February 11, 2008

War is like, cool, and stuff

Photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Erica R. Gardner.

Above, Kim Kagan, Michelle Flournoy (from the Center for Strategic and International Studies) and National Review's Rich Lowry getting the full court PR press from Multi-National Force Iraq in Baghdad. Mr Kim Kagan aka Fred Kagan, designer of The Surge, is not pictured but was also on the trip.

Among the highlights of their trip, a visit to the bizarrely named "Camp Dublin" and --

Dr. Kim Kagan participated in the BMP-1 Driver Instruction Course and learned how to start the engine of the BMP-1.

“The opportunity to participate in the training is very cool,” said Kagan.

Rich Lowry's red baseball cap doesn't make for good "camo".

These are the people who helped bring this now 5 years and counting war to the rest of us. The one bit of serious business on the trip was that the Kagans were apparently told before Defence Secretary Gates that there would be no troop reductions beyond the 15 brigades as of June.

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