Saturday, February 23, 2008

Occasional RTE Eurosong liveblogging

Will the Serbian people in their current mood vote for a song called "Double Cross My Heart"?

"Give us another chance/We're sorry for Riverdance". Brilliant. [added: Link to Dustin's performance of Irelande (sic) douze points]

An Irish entry from a Slovenian? The Serbs will love that. Song is too much "My heart will go on" anyway.

4th song has a little of that white soul about it. Amy/Joss etc. Her mother hemmed the dress.

Act 5. Best quality on backing instruments. But not much else going on.

Act 6. Is that the Hill Street Blues soundtrack? And he can't hit the high notes. God -- how bad was it in rehearsal?

We'll be back later with the result. Prediction: Assuming that the Dustin vote doesn't swamp the others, Act 1 has the best chance of being a decent competitor in Belgrade -- it has the right amount of eurotrash quotient.

UPDATE: We got pulled away from liveblogging the result show but Maman Poulet had it covered. So it's Dustin. Prediction (and so much for our previous prediction): Eurovision will disqualify him on the grounds that he is not a person.

[link to event; squid is also liveblogging with pictures; see also Maman Poulet]

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