Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cold war not cold for much longer

Remember those Iranian speedboats of mass destruction and ensuing competition among current and aspiring future Republican presidents to say how close the incident had come to war, and indeed how close it would be to war the next time the same thing happened?

The chief of US naval operations today downplayed the low flight of a Russian Tu-95 over the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in the western Pacific Ocean.

The Tu-95 flew over the Nimitz at about 2,000 feet while another bomber flew nearby Feb. 9, but both were escorted by U.S. aircraft and the event did not even warrant a call to “general quarters” or for crews to man battle stations, Navy Adm. Gary Roughead said.

In fact if one reads further down in the story, there were actually 4 Russian bombers in the vicinity of the carrier. But as the Pentagon says --

“It is free and international airspace,” he said, “and we're just trying to now go back and look what message was intended by this overflight.”

The scariest speedboats ever were also in international waters. Perhaps the difference is that they Philippino Monkey's radio doesn't broadcast that far.

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