Monday, December 04, 2006

The standard for grief

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow --

MR. SNOW: Okay, well, let me back up. The President is somebody, as I've said many times, and you've seen it, who grieves the loss of anybody over there [Iraq], and this is not something where, as Commander-in-Chief, he wants anything other than success and to bring everybody home safely.

a few questions later --

MR. SNOW: We think John Bolton -- John Bolton had more -- look, there were more Democrats who were going to vote for John Bolton than Republicans who were going to vote against -- there were 58 announced votes in his favor. That's bipartisan. And John Bolton was a successful U.N. Ambassador, and we grieve the fact that he was not rewarded for his success and honored for it.

UPDATE: Bolton's run-of-the-mill resignation even gets a White House photo-op -- this from the White House with a policy of making no case-by-case mentions of military deaths in Iraq.

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