Thursday, September 02, 2004

Death: It's a Good Thing

Andrew Sullivan is back from his month in the hammock. Which is excellent news, because of the renewed reason for multiple visits per day to Sullywatch, your one-stop shop for all things Sullivan-bashing related. Strangely enough, Sully's quasi-sane increasing revulsion at the Republican convention slightly reduces the need for commentary (although the consistency of his comments this week with the remainder of the campaign is yet to be seen), but things are as loopy as ever with his views on the War on Terror.

He's done a couple of posts now on the reaction in France to the two journalist hostages in Iraq and the kidnapper's demand that France repeal its headscarf law; what has been remarkable has been the unanimity of French opinion that the law cannot be changed in face of such a demand. But for Sully, it's all vague allusions to an Islamist fifth column in France waiting to rise up once France gets tough with the Arab world. And then there's those hostages:

If the Jihadists take the war to France now, we may get the Western unity that has so far eluded us. And that can only be a good thing.

In Sully's War on Terror, the body count rises faster than in an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Let's hope Rise of the Machines is not his benchmark.

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