Sunday, September 26, 2004

An old person's idea of a blogger

The New York Times Sunday magazine writes about political bloggers. In the 24/7 media operation that is BOBW, we will be commenting early and often. We're still on the first page and seeing Mickey Kaus credited with the invention of fire, splitting the atom, and, oh yeah, a Columbus like voyage into blogging. And there's a special piece of rubbish in this sentence:

but on his blog [Kaus] evolved into an exasperated Larry David basket case of self-doubt and indignation, harassed by a fake "editor" of his own creation who broke in, midsentence, with parenthetical questions and accusations.

He created that fake editor thing? We've been reading Private Eye for many years now and that's one of their staples. Here for instance in a recent issue is their Glenda Slagg column (who has some Maureen Dowd characteristics, but that's for another day):

[incoherent thoughts about football star Wayne Rooney] Go on Roodeney! Buzz off! Your career is definitely on the ‘wayne’ geddit? He does but only if he pays for it?? Geddit?!?!(You’re fired. Ed) ...

[completely opposite incoherent thoughts about Rooney] Hats, trousers and condoms off to the future of English football!?! Hip, Hip, Hoorooney!!? >(You’re fired. Ed) ...

[on to the education system] You know what’s more important than G.C.S.E!!??! You guessed it, S.E.X.??!? And I got plenty of that!!?!(You really are fired. Ed)

And this blog's other world, R Morgenstern, tells us that they were doing that editor thing on her college newspaper even back in the day when Kaus probably was some kind of liberal.

And Wonkette the cover girl for this story?


UPDATE: No need for our own post about the Wonkette-centrality of the NYT piece; others aren't happy either. Here. And showing that he's still annoyed 2 weeks later, Daily Howler.

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